Another day


Time passes fast. I mean there is a total of 24 hours in a day, however we use up the 8 hours to sleep. Then there is the question, do you rather sleep for 8 hours or slept for 3 hours and use 5 hours to do work? Live longer or live shorter, but use our time more efficiently? 

I think I would choose to live a longer life. There is no rush to become successful. I’m not saying that people should not work hard to achieve their goals, but there are more than just achieving our goals. We have family, friends, co-workers, and other random little things we are interested. In order to maintain good relationship with each person, stay interested in what we like, and be happy about life, then we have to also leave time for them too. At pivotal times, we have to sacrifice what our likes for a greater benefit. During times like going on a business trip to an important meeting to attend, but we will have to miss out a good friend’s birthday. At this moment, the meeting could be a step to our goal, therefore we will have to sacrifice the birthday party. 

In life, we do need to learn how to sacrifice, but life is not all about successes or failures. It is about balance between, work life, social life, health life, and personal life. Many people think social life and personal life is the same thing. Well, social life includes your friends, co-workers, people you meet outside or at clubs and personal life is your alone time and your family time. They can be the same in some ways and differ in others, but I won’t go into details. 






No one is a stranger to you.

We all have families, best friends, good friends, okay friends, just friends, classmates, co-workers, teachers, professors, bosses and strangers surrounding us. Yes, even a stranger have an impact on us. But what is the difference between all those people? Or is there a difference between them? To some there is a difference, but to others there might not be a difference. The difference is the measurement of how much effort, attention, and time we give to them. Like, the category “family” and “best friends.” Even though people have different definition for each of those titles, in the end those people who are categorized under those titles are extremely important to you. Probably you spend most of your energy and time in them. On the other side, a stranger passes by you.. The only effort you would give is a glance or a smile, nothing more. But a smile can do alot


The other day, a few of my friends and I were talking marriage. On Earth is there the one that is meant for us to meet, find, or discover? Either the Mr. Right or Mrs. Perfect? Or is are there many different people who we are compatible with?  Do we always marry the person who we Love the most? Or do we end up marrying the person who we are most compatible with? To those lucky ones, you may find that your true love is also very compatible with you.  But many people do say, we would not end up marrying the person we truly love. I guess just go with the flow… and follow our hearts. 

Top Ten Living Rules

1. Put a smile on your face, be HAPPY

2. Live with no regrets

3. Be yourself. Don’t change who you are for other people.

4. Cherish everything that happens around you

5. Ask yourself the question, why am I living?

6. Don’t ever cheat

7. Socialize A LOT, even when you are in your fifties

8. Don’t doubt yourself

9. Everyone is equal, BE CONFIDENT in yourself.

10. Enjoy life; people around you; the things that happen every second, minute, hour, and day; and yourself to the FULLEST.